August 30, 2018


“And when we move on to the book of Acts, we find, as far as we can tell, that the first Gentile (non-Jew) who became a Christian was an Ethiopian eunuch – someone who, in today’s language, might be described as gender queer.”


This little book is fantastic. With an emphasis on people and their individuality of experience, Roberts is clear, compassionate, factual and seeking to inform. He confidently walks Biblically through a minefield by being careful. Just one example of this emerges from the laudable decision to use Stonewall’s definitions for various gender identities. There is little jargon to be found here too, and I would be very happy for a non-Christian friend to read Transgender; I wonder how often we are able to say that.


Like Harrison in A Better Story, Roberts digs down into why the underlying cultural shift has occurred as it has, shedding light on a number of other interrelated areas. He sagely rebukes us for “gut feeling” rejection of people, and for “gut feeling” acceptance of cultural norms, always pointing to Scripture as our benchmark. He is sometimes firm, but always gentle, and there is no judgement whatsoever on Roberts’ radar. What he calls the “art restoration principle” does a lot of work for him, and summarises much of the book; art restorers respect the work, and know their job is to bring out the artist’s original intention.


Transgender is not entirely comprehensive, and will not answer all of our questions. But as a short book, it is a real privilege to read, the gospel is presented winsomely, and will do our churches the world of good.


I recommend it to all.



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